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Stabilizes and secures wooden train tracks for BRIO® and Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends Wooden Railway System (TM).

Compatible With

Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends


  • Maintain hard play without worrying about bumps and jolts!
  • Enable you to build your track anywhere - even on carpet!
  • Create amazing new layouts!

Purchase Suretrack® from your local specialty toy retailer or order from the web.

Welcome to Dazy's web site where you can let your imagination build. Our product is SureTrack® which is designed to clip wooden train track together, including both BRIO® and Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends Wooden Railway System. SureTrack's patented design snaps or slides easily onto adjoining track pieces to secure and stabilize the interlocking pieces.
SureTrack® enhances play for both the child and the parent by:
  • Enabling play on uneven surfaces, including carpet,
  • Lowering track maintenance - layout can remain intact for extended periods of time without glue or nails
  • Allowing younger children to play with fun, multilevel track designs
  • Allowing older children to build complex designs
  • Providing protection from jolts and bumps
  • Expanding options for creative designs
  • Enabling stable multilevel track designs
  • Requiring fewer supports when building multilevel designs
  • Child playing with track secured with Suretrack
    The following features are available to you through our web site:
    Free track layout designs
    Information for stores who wish to stock SuretrackNew Stores
    Boxes of Suretrack required to secure BRIO® and Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends(TM) Play Sets
    Product Information
    The Little Clip That Could (product purpose)
    Slip, Slide & Play (instructions for use)
    The number of boxes of Suretrack required to secure the various BRIO® and Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends(TM) Play Sets
    Clip a little, clip a lot (product use variations)
    Clip Maintenance (assure tight fit)
    Track Size Differences (BRIO® vs. Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends(TM))
    Product Compatibility (wood train track manufacturers)
    Manufactured in USA
    Toy Representatives
    Post Office Box
    Product Ordering Information
    Submit new track layouts for free product
    Customer suggestion or comment feature
    All aboard for fun!!!
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