Suretrack clips stabilizes and secures wooden train tracks, including for BRIO®,  Imaginarium, Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends (TM), Sesame Street®, Maxim® and most others.

Welcome to Dazy’s web site where you can let your imagination build. Our product is SureTrack® which is designed to clip wooden train track together. SureTrack’s patented design snaps or slides easily onto adjoining track pieces to secure and stabilize the interlocking pieces.

SureTrack® enhances play for both the child and the parent by

  • Maintain hard play without worrying about bumps and jolts!
  • Enabling play on uneven surfaces, including carpet
  • Lowering track maintenance – layout can remain intact for extended periods of time without glue or nails
  • Allowing younger children to play with fun, multilevel track designs
  • Allowing older children to build complex designs
  • Providing protection from jolts and bumps
  • Expanding options for creative designs
  • Enabling stable multilevel track designs
  • Requiring fewer supports when building multilevel designs