Bottle Opener Layout
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Description: Although our children may be too young to remember bottle openers, you can still pop open fun with this simple track layout which uses ascending track and the suspension bridge to add excitement. This layout leaves the center open for an shipyard, fire station, school yard or whatever they desire.

Assembly Difficulty: 1

Clip a Little, Clip a Lot: To secure only the elevated areas, six Suretrack clips are required, or to secure the entire layout, twenty Suretrack clips are required.

Kit: BRIO 33131 & 2 Support

Gray Pieces: Are elevated areas.
Yellow Pieces: Are Ascending/Descending Areas.
Track Legend:
2" Straight 4" Straight 6" Straight 8" Straight Ascending Small Curve Large Curve Switch (F) Switch (M) Track Riser
0 1 0 0 2 6 10 0 0 4