Pretzel Layout
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Description: If your tired of picking up pretzel pieces, SureTrack is for you. The Pretzel layout allows the child to push trains up and down hills and under overpasses. The layout fits on the BRIO table and leaves a lot of additional play surface for cars, people, and buildings.

Assembly Difficulty: 2

Clip a Little, Clip a Lot: To secure only the elevated areas, ten Suretrack clips are required, or to secure the entire layout, twenty five Suretrack clips are required.

Kit: 33134 & 6-Curved, 2-8" Straight, 3-Supports

Gray Pieces: Are elevated areas.
Yellow Pieces: Are Ascending/Descending Areas.
Track Legend:
2" Straight 4" Straight 6" Straight 8" Straight Ascending Small Curve Large Curve Switch (F) Switch (M) Track Riser
0 2 0 5 2 0 16 0 0 6