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The Little Clip That Could (product purpose)

As parents ourselves, we at Dazy recognize the great planning, patience and time it takes to design and assemble a workable train track layout. In addition, track designs which involve vertical lifts and multilevel tracks require support pillars at each and every track section connection, which limits design options and requires percise placement with any deviation or bump resulting in devastating collapse.

SureTrack's patented design snaps or slides easily onto adjoining track pieces to secure and stabilize the interlocking pieces. It provides support vertically, longitudinally, and laterally, thus multiplying and adding complexity to track design layouts. This allows for a tremendous increase in the distance between support pillars required on viaducts and bridge spans and allows for higher vertical track designs. In addition to firmly locking together straight track pieces, SureTrack's notched sides allows for the securing of curved and switching tracks, along with turntables, tunnels and a vast array of the specialty pieces.
Number of Suretrack boxes required to secure BRIO® and Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends Play Sets
Slip, Slide & Play (instructions for use)
Just slip a clip on the end of a track piece by slightly spreading apart the arm's of the SureTrack clip. Suretrack is perfect for use on carpet, tables and floors. No more track buckling on carpet!
The specially designed and patented notch in the clip allows you to slide the clip securely into place for switching tracks, tunnels, and turntables. Suretrack alleviates the need for support pillars at each track connection allowing you to elevate these accessories off the carpet or tabletop. The design possibilities are endless!
With Suretrack in place, you are set for hours of play, protected from frustrating disconnections and collapses. When you're ready for a change, Suretrack snaps or slides off as easily as it went on.
Clip a little...clip a lot (product use variations)
Depending on your children's ages or your particular needs, Suretrack can be used to clip the entire track layout or merely the elevated sections. The more you clip, the more stable your design becomes.
Clip Maintenance (assure tight fit)
The Suretrack® clip is manufactured from a high density plastic that has great memory. This means that the plastic can flex as it secures different pieces of track but will return to its original shape when left alone. You can speed up this process by slightly squeezing the arms of the Suretrack® clip together (inward) for a couple of seconds. This will ensure a tight fit when slipped over the next piece of track.
Track Size Differences (BRIO® vs. Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends(TM))
Suretrack® was engineered to be compatible with BRIO® and Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends(TM) even though the two products are different sizes. Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends(TM) track is slightly higher and wider than BRIO® track. Because of these differences, Suretrack® fits slightly snugger on Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends(TM) and looser on BRIO®. This does not effect its effectiveness with either product.
Product Compatibility (wooden train track manufacturers)
Suretrack® is compatible with track from the following manufacturers:
  • BRIO®
  • Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends(TM)
  • Maxim track
  • Sesame Street® Railway

Suretrack® is not compatible with track from the following manufacturers:

  • T.C. Timber®
Manufactured in USA
All facets of the Suretrack® development and manufacturing have been performed in the USA.
Toy Representatives
There are over 50 toy representatives that market Suretrack® to local stores across the United States. 
Information for stores who wish to stock Suretrack
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Post Office Box.
You can drop us a letter at the following post office box or leave us comments through our web site:

Dazy, Inc.

P.O. Box 3396

Dublin, OH 43016

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